Over 70 Years and Counting!

Frank A Smith Beverages has been selling the finest beers to Pottstown since 1944. Whether providing our customers their old favorites at a great price or introducing them to new ones, we’re proud of our rich heritage. Our focus has been the same for over 70 years: helping our customers find the right product for the right price.

Back in 2005...

In December 2005, current owner Bill Lucchesi purchased Frank A Smith with one goal: turn it into a craft beer lover’s paradise.

He set out to completely change the look and layout of the store so that he could have a massive selection. Installing easy-access shelves and cards with descriptions for each beer, customers could get to know a beer before they even bought it. Add to that a staff that knew their brews and you’ve got a match made in beer lover’s heaven!

And Now...

Always staying on top of their game, Frank A Smith Beverages is changing again!

With the recent change in PA Liquor Laws, beer distributors can now sell everything from single bottles, mix-and-match-six packs, and growlers / crowlers. Bill and his team have been hard at work to make sure Frank A Smith is leading the pack. Over the first couple of months in 2017, Frank A Smith installed new coolers to hold six-packs and singles as well as a Growler / Crowler station.

Frank A Smith Beverages has changed from being a beer distributor to a beer destination.

Our Team

Frank A Smith Beverages is a team of hard-working people who love what they do. Let’s meet them.

Bill Lucchesi

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